Lampe Berger Essential Oil

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Chant De Lavande (Lavender), Eucalyptus, Citronelle/Lemon Grass, Vent De Ocean (Oceane), Preythre, Bois De Santal (Sandalwood), The Vert (Green Tea), Rosee De Rose, Feuille De Menthe (Mint), Anti-Mite, Green Apple (Pomme Verte), Chypre, Ginseng, Ambre & other Aroma Therapy Essential Oil (Parfum De Maison) such as Anti-Bacterial (Antibactérien), Anti-Acariens, Bouquet Provencal, Cedre du Liban, Chevrefeuille, Coeur de Pamlemousse, Eau de Foret, Lavandoranger, Lotus, Mandarine, Mure Sauvage, Neutre, Laurier Rose, Mer d’Iroise, Rosee d’ Iris & Rose et Jasmin. 

Lamps/Diffusers, Catalytic Burners & Wicks are available for sale too.

Main Functions & Effects :-
Remove Odors, Kill Bacteria, Purify Air, Ionizer, Increase & Generate Oxygen, Eliminate Tobacco Smoke, Aroma Therapy & Mood Management.

Eucalyptus 尤加利 - Improves asthma, sinus & breathing problem

Lavender 熏衣草 - Alleviates Insomnia & sleeping problem, helps control blood pressure, for relaxation & soothe mental stress

Citronelle/Lemon Grass 香矛 - Alleviates insomnia, migraine & headache

Oceane 佛手柑 - Improves & enhances memory, removes fatigue, strengthen learning receptivity

Pyrethre 小白菊 - Repels mosquitoes and insects

Sandalwood 檀香 - For calming & detoxification

The vert (Green Tea) 绿茶 - Helps relieve fatigue and sleepiness, enhances immunity, maintains health

Rosee De Rose 玫瑰 - Creates romantic atmosphere

Chypre 丝柏 - Soothes coughing, nose bleeding & relieves breathing problem.

Pomme Verte(Green apple) 苹果 - To increase appetite and create happy feeling, aids digestive functions

Ginseng 人参 - Strengthens body immune system, enhances stamina and longevity

Ambre 琥珀 - Helps bladder, kidney problem and muscular pain

Anti Bacterial 抗细菌 - Specially formulated to reduce bacteria formation

Feuille De Menthe (Mint) 薄荷 - Freshening & Revitalizing, helps enchance digestive system.

Miel De Patchouli 天竺薄荷- Eliminates anxiety, conctracts blood vessels, soothes coughing

Anti-Mite 抗尘螨 – Helps to destroy & kill dust mites

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