Lampe Berger Essential Oil

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Chant De Lavande (Lavender), Eucalyptus, Citronelle/Lemon Grass, Vent De Ocean (Oceane), Preythre, Bois De Santal (Sandalwood), The Vert (Green Tea), Rosee De Rose, Feuille De Menthe (Mint), Anti-Mite, Green Apple (Pomme Verte), Chypre, Ginseng, Ambre & other Aroma Therapy Essential Oil (Parfum De Maison) such as Anti-Bacterial (Antibactérien), Anti-Acariens, Bouquet Provencal, Cedre du Liban, Chevrefeuille, Coeur de Pamlemousse, Eau de Foret, Lavandoranger, Lotus, Mandarine, Mure Sauvage, Neutre, Laurier Rose, Mer d’Iroise, Rosee d’ Iris & Rose et Jasmin. 

Lamps/Diffusers, Catalytic Burners & Wicks are available for sale too.

Main Functions & Effects :-
Remove Odors, Kill Bacteria, Purify Air, Ionizer, Increase & Generate Oxygen, Eliminate Tobacco Smoke, Aroma Therapy & Mood Management.

Eucalyptus 尤加利 - Improves asthma, sinus & breathing problem

Lavender 熏衣草 - Alleviates Insomnia & sleeping problem, helps control blood pressure, for relaxation & soothe mental stress

Citronelle/Lemon Grass 香矛 - Alleviates insomnia, migraine & headache

Oceane 佛手柑 - Improves & enhances memory, removes fatigue, strengthen learning receptivity

Pyrethre 小白菊 - Repels mosquitoes and insects

Sandalwood 檀香 - For calming & detoxification

The vert (Green Tea) 绿茶 - Helps relieve fatigue and sleepiness, enhances immunity, maintains health

Rosee De Rose 玫瑰 - Creates romantic atmosphere

Chypre 丝柏 - Soothes coughing, nose bleeding & relieves breathing problem.

Pomme Verte(Green apple) 苹果 - To increase appetite and create happy feeling, aids digestive functions

Ginseng 人参 - Strengthens body immune system, enhances stamina and longevity

Ambre 琥珀 - Helps bladder, kidney problem and muscular pain

Anti Bacterial 抗细菌 - Specially formulated to reduce bacteria formation

Feuille De Menthe (Mint) 薄荷 - Freshening & Revitalizing, helps enchance digestive system.

Miel De Patchouli 天竺薄荷- Eliminates anxiety, conctracts blood vessels, soothes coughing

Anti-Mite 抗尘螨 – Helps to destroy & kill dust mites

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Lampe Berger Diffuser Instructions

There are more than 1 thousand of Lampe Berger Diffusers. Every diffuser works the same be it a normal design or signature collection.

Catalytic Burner (Structure & Functions)
The Structure
The catalytic burner is produced from a mixture of different raw materials through a patented process and formula. The burner head is porous with the density of approximately 3µm.
The Functions

When the burner head is lit, the wick will first absorb the essential oil. It then stays on the tiny pores on the surface of the burner head due to the holding tension of the essential oil. The patented catalytic burner's outer ring is made up of platinum alloy and will retain heat up to 500°c while the inner part at 350°c. The inner ring is made up of porcelain mixtures;it is capable of retaining heat at 60°c to allow the essential oil to vaporize without actual heating.
User Guide
Step 1
Place the diffuser on a surface away from sources of heat.  Fill the diffuser with essential oil using funnel until it is 2/3 full. Ensure the outer surface of the diffuser is dry.

Step 2
Place the wick into the diffuser and secure the catalytic burner connected to the wick firmly on the top of the diffuser. Please be noted that if you are using diffuser for the first time, do soak the wick for 20 minutes and cover back with the cap. This will allow the burner head/stone to absorb the essential oil.

Step 3
Light up the catalytic burner for about 2 minutes to 2 & a half minutes. Blow off the fire and the essential oil will be diffused without open flame.

Step 4
Cover the top of the diffuser with the threaded cap. Your room will now fill with Lampe Berger aromatic effects. In a room of 20 to 40m³, just using the diffuser for 40 minutes can ensure aromatics effect for up to 6 hours. If you are using lampe berger in a living hall or spacious room, you may need to use additional diffusers.

Step 5
Remove the threaded cap and place the small cap over the burner head if you want to stop using the diffuser. Please be noted that the threaded cap may be hot. Please do not touch the catalytic burner as it's burning hot.

Step 6
Store the diffuser in a safe place until its next usage.

1. 将薰香瓶平置于桌面上。

2. 将专用漏斗置于薰香瓶上,再将精油慢慢灌入瓶中。    
3. 将蕊头之绵芯沿瓶口放入薰香瓶中,并将蕊头平稳地放置于瓶口上。

4. 点燃蕊头,让火焰持续燃烧两分钟。

5. 将火焰吹熄,使整瓶精油在无火状态下,慢慢地催化释放。

6. 盖上镂空盖,开始享受薰香,以30平方米的房间为基准,只需催化一小时,芳香效果可持续约八小时。(使用中请尽量避免一次将瓶内精油耗尽,以免影响下次使用时蕊头之点燃)

7. 如欲停止催化运作,请先将镂空盖取下,再将密封盖紧密盖上蕊头即可。
8. 最后将镂空盖盖上,保持美观,下次使用。

Lampe Berger History & Background

Maurice Berger,a pharmacist from paris found Lampe Berger in 1987. Trying to find a process to purify the air due to poor ventilation and plague in the hospitals. He discovered the Lampe Berger oil diffusers by looking for the beneficial effect of the catalytic combustion of a specific product, ozoalcohol. The burner is able to release ozoalcohol at the temperature of 60°c. This is considered as a new invention of the era. He then patented the catalytic burner and ozoalchohol.

Although initially it was used only by the medical world for its antibacterial feature, the Lampe Berger diffusers came to interest the greatest designers of the time: Lalique, Galle, the Daum crystal glass works and Baccarat .The Lampe Berger also became a feature at the salons of the Belle Epoque too. Lampe Berger was also initially without fragrance. By adding various fragrance with essential oils extracted from plants such as Lavander, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Pythre, Oceane, Rose and many more.

Today, Lampe Berger has become more like a household product either as an ionizer, antibacterial or for aroma therapy.

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Lampe Berger Awards & Achievements

1925 - France's Grenoble National Tourist Gold Award

1938 - National Scientific Research & Development Gold Award

1989 - Submitted patent for "Ozoalcool" and Catalytic Burner.

1901 - French National Product Invention Award

1901 - 6 times Winner of Paris Commodity Award

1901 - Lyon Excellent Product/Superior Commodity Award

1901 - Grenoble Excellent Product Award

1901 - Decoratifs Arts Award

1901 - Diplome d'Honneur Sales Award

1906 - Italy, Roman Market Product Award

2000 - US Atlanta 2000 Annual Award for Best Decorative Award Figure Certificate

2001 - Chinese "High Quality Consumer Product and Lifestyle Art" Award at the "New Millennium Advanced Technology Exposition" in France

Lampe Berger is regarded as one of the leader in Aroma Therapy Industry with more than 100 years of history. It owns a modern factory at Paris with accredited with ISO 1-14-1 award. Designers and Artists from around the world even setup a Club called CCLB (Club des collectionneurs de Lampe Berger).

Lampe Berger Introduction

Lampe Berger's essential oils are produced under stringent quality control. Both the catalytic burner & formula are patented to maintain uniform standard and safety. To further boost user confidence, Lampe Berger has taken up an insurance policy for its products. All original Lampe Berger products are produced and packed  in Lampe Berger France factory selling to over 80 countries around the world.

In Lampe Berger, user safety is paramount. To this end, ingredients used for the formula are non-toxic and are obtained from natural sources.

90% of the formula is Ozoacool & IPA, which is extracted from beetroot. The remaining 10% is made up of water & plant extracted essential oil. Hence, the products are environmentally friendly. Usage of the product can assist repel insects, eliminate tobacco (2nd hand smoke), remove odors, purify air that improves the quality and eliminate air borne bacterial.

Lampe Berger is committed to achieve technical perfection and has a modern scientific approach to research and development, production and business operations. The company aims to keep abreast of scientific developments and design trends in the industry. Lampe Berger is committed to contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

Great Market Potential

Our air is getting more and more polluted nowadays due to cigarette smoke, smoke by vehicles and factories, forest burning or development of new cities and buildings. Scientists have long known that air pollution causes health problems such as asthma, lungs cancer or heart attack. Scientists even have proven that the air quality for indoor is even few times more polluted than the outdoor due to circulation problem or even the dusts and germs from air conditioner. Hence, Lampe Berger with all in one function plays an important role for better air management. Lampe Berger is able to purify air, destroy odors, kill bacteria, emit ions and produce oxygen.

Places with great market potential are not limited to hospitals, furniture stores, factories, living rooms and bedrooms, kindergartens, offices, nurseries, pet shop, interior design, any shops, Karaoke Lounges (KTV), pubs, discos, clubs, restaurants, basements, conference rooms, homes with pets, hotels, pharmacies, adult care centers, boutiques, education centers, temples, beauty salons, Spas, tuition Centers, vehicles and many more.

With scientific research, a person could survive without food for almost a month, could survive without water for few days but cannot survive without air for only few minutes. So imagine clean air is how important to a human being.

Lampe Berger Advices

The Lampe Berger Essential Oil is mainly for usage of Aroma Therapy. you are advised to follow below instructions for safety purpose.

1) The essential oil is not consumable. Do keep out of reach of children. Do not inhale or ingest the oil or apply to skin or eyes in any manner. Wash with water if the oil is applied to your skin or accidentally applied to eyes.

2) Do not light the Lampe Berger diffuser and let it unattended. While Lampe Berger diffuser is burning before the fire is blow off, make sure the surrounded area is clear from any materials that can easily cause fire such as paper, woods or others.

3) In case the oil spilled out, wipe the Lampe Bergerdiffuser before lighting the fire.

4) Do not hold the diffuser and walk around with open flame. This may cause fire if the Lampe Berger diffuser fells. Always blow off the fire if you wish to move it to other place.

5) When the Lampe Berger diffuser is not in used, always cover it with the cap and locate at a safe place away from heat or from sunshine.

6) Make sure the catalytic burner is in perfect condition and perfectly fit in before lighting the fire.

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Lampe Berger Anti Dust Mite Essential Oil

Dust Mites are eight legged micro organism that cannot be seen with our eyes. It can only be seen with microscopes. They live in dead skin cells or hair in millions causing skin allergies, eyes allergies, asthma, sensitive nose, stuffy ears, hay fever, cough, frequent awakening, sneezing and other sickness to elderly and especially to children.

Ever wonder why sometimes our skins are filled with red spots/dots and they do not look like mosquitoes bites? This could be the bites from dust mites. It was proven that each pole on our skin can lives at least 7 dust mites. Houses with carpets, curtains or any material with dusts are habitants for dust mite including your bed sheet or pillow. This is the reason why sometimes when you sit on a dusty sofa or dusty bed, it causes you skin allergies and red spots appear so fast. You can feel the itchiness and sneezing non-stop. These are very obvious symptoms from dust mites. A typical used mattress or carpet can have at least 100,000 or dust mites. Isn't that scary? They won't cause you death but they definitely cause you health problems.

Poor ventilation, high humidity and unclean Air conditioner further encourage dust mites to live on. Hence, Lampe Berger Anti Dust Mite Essential Oil can help to destroy 100% of dust mite within 72 hours. It's proven that it not only able to kill airborne germs but also able to kill dust mites.

Lampe Berger in Hospital

During World War, Lampe Berger products were widely used in Hospital to destroy air borne bacteria, purify air and remove odor. Lampe Berger was also widely used by the Royal Families and The Rich during the 18th and 19th centuries to remove odor and remove the smell of tobacco smoke. 

世界大战的时代,医院的病人和死人都放在同样地方.因此药剂师Maurice Berger 发明了金柏格在医院杀菌和除臭.那时的精油还没有熏香.此外,那时18和19世纪的王族和贵族多于抽烟,他们也用金柏格来分解二手烟和除烟味.

Screenshot pictures from Lampe Berger Paris Videos.

Lampe Berger Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Can i use other essential oil not manufactured by Lampe Berger in Lampe Berger Diffusers?
No, it's not recommended. It may clog the burner because Lampe Berger diffusers are specially made for
Lampe Berger Essential Oil.

2) Can I Mix Lampe Berger Essential Oil?
It's not recommended to mix oil because mixing oil will cause different chemical reactions. It will have different functions not listed at (Click Here). You need to mix the correct oil to get those functions.

3) How long should i use Lampe Berger?
This depends on the layout and ventilation of the area you want to fragrance and purify. It will do about 1000sq ft in approx. 30 minutes. If the room is large, you can allow the diffuser to run for 1 hour or more as long as you feel comfortable.

4) Is Lampe Berger safe for children?
Yes, as long as you locate the diffuser and essential oil at a place unreachable by children.

5) Where can i use Lampe Berger?
Anywhere and at any room. As long as the diffuser is located at a stable surface.

6) How long will a catalytic burner last?
It can be used up to 200 - 250 lights but it depends. Some burners can be used more than 2 - 3 years if they are not used too often.

7) Do I need to wait 20 minutes before lighting it?
If the burner is wet, you can light it any time and wait for 2 minutes before blowing the flame off. If the burner is dry, cover the diffuser with the cap and wait for 20 minutes until the burner is wet. Remove the cap and light the burner.

8) How should i use the diffuser for first time?
You may refer to (Click Here).

9) What are the Major Functions of Lampe Berger Essential Oils.
Different flavors have different functions but all of them have functions such as Remove Odor, Kill Bacteria, Purify Air, Ionizer, Increase Oxygen, Aroma Therapy & Mood Management.

10) How much oil should i fill the diffuser?
For first time usage, fill up with 2/3. For second time and onward, you can fill any amount as long as it's not more than 2/3.

11) Why are Effusion lamps better for us than candles or incense?
It's because effusion lamps burn without an open flame to lower the risk of fire hazard whereby candle with open flame is more dangerous. Moreover candles are bad for health.

12) When I lit my diffuser, the flame was 4 inches high. Is this normal?
Yes it is. You need to take precautions while the stone is heating as long as it's away from flammable materials to avoid fire hazard.

13) Does Lampe Berger burner fit with all Lampe Berger diffusers?
Yes. It fits with any Lampe Berger diffusers.

14) Why does the burner not producing flame?
The cap has not been replaced on the burner which caused the essential oil evaporated. Hence, the burner is dry. You need to check if there is any oil left in the diffuser.
If not, fill it up to 2/3rd. - Replace the burner and the wick into the lamp - Leave the wick to soak for 20 minutes. Then, Light the burner (Click Here). If it still doesn't work. You need to change a new burner.

15) Is Lampe Berger safe for my pets?
Yes. As long as it's keep out of reach of pets.

16) How many Liter for 1 bottle of Lampe Berger?
It comes in 1liter.

17) Can i drink Lampe Berger Essential Oil/ apply to mouth or eye?
No! Never do so, will cause poisoning if a person drinks the essential oil. If it causes allergy, do consult doctor. It is advisable to wash you hands if essential oil is applied to your skin.

18) I had headache when i use Lampe Berger for the 1st time. Is this normal?
For some users, they may feel dizzy and have headache for first few times because it's doing therapy on your body. I suggest not to use lampe berger for more than 1 hour per day if you feel dizzy in the beginning. If the room is small and it burns for few hours, the room will be covered with strong smell which some people may feel uncomfortable too. I suggest not to burn too long in a small room.

19) Where should i put my lampe berger oil and diffuser?
On a stable surface keep out of reach of children and also not to put at somewhere with hot environment because oil is flammable.














香薰蕊頭干了没有精油导致点燃不到.所以要把盖盖上,让香薰蕊頭潮湿. 如果是薰香台没有精油,就必须帮它填油,20分钟后再试点燃香薰蕊頭. 如果还是不行,有可能香薰蕊頭是时候换了.






Lampe Berger Fight SARS Virus

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Lampe Berger were being used in Tan Tock Seng Hospital 陈笃生医院 Singapore during Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

Lampe Berger Essential Oils 1Liter Bottles

Brand Name = Lampe Berger
Weight = 1000ml / 1 Liter
Version = Asia Version of Original Lampe Berger packaging
Expiry Date = No Expiry Date
Made in France


Lampe Berger Catalytic Burner

There are generally two types of Lampe Berger Catalytic Burner. On the left is the new 3C version & right is the older version. 

You may need to read below comments regarding the burners.

1) Please do not leave the burner and wick in the lamp filled with essential oil if it's not being used for certain period of time up to few months long. It may cause the catalytic burner to be clogged. If this happens, consult us for solution.

2) The New Lampe Berger 3C Catalytic Burner is more sensitive compared to the older version. The only solution is to have a minor modification which require special consultation. Nevertheless, this new burner works better in saving consumption of essential oil making it more cost effective.

3) Only use Original Lampe Berger Essential Oil with Lampe Berger Diffuser. Do not mix or try DIY your own Essential Oil/ body perfumes and use in Lampe Berger diffuser. Mixtures of Essential Oils from different brands are prohibited because the size of the molecules produced by these mixtures may cause damage to the burner. It may cause chemical reactions with the possible formation of substances considered to be interior pollutants and may be risky for health. We would not be responsible for any injuries or deterioration in health.

Mixing Lampe Berger Essential Oils

As mentioned in other posts, mixing essential oil is not recommended. With correct formula, oil mixture could actually produce more features.

Sandalwood + Lavender Improves mood. Helps mood management.

Citronelle + Lavender Stabilizes blood pressure, alleviates migraine, clears blocked nasal passage, asthma, sinus, relieves stress, sleeping problem (insomnia), can relieve stiff neck if added to bath.

Ocean + Bouquet Provencal Helps in reducing pimples for better skin complexion.

Citronelle + Mint Improves general mood, provide good sleep, stabilizes blood pressure, helps patients suffered from stroke.

Eucalyptus + Citronelle Relieves stress, relaxes tired eye muscles especially those facing computers for long hours, helps sensitive nose.

Eucalyptus + Chypre Relieves coughing and aids smokers.

Eucalyptus + Sandalwood Relieves coughing, helps indigestion, bloated stomache and constipation, helps kidney related problems, urinary tract problems.

Eucalyptus + Mint Relieves throat irritation, sore throat, dry throat, tonsillitis.

Eucalyptus + Lavender Reduces snoring, stabilizes blood pressure, helps those with irregular heart beat.

Eucalyptus + Ocean Promotes alertness, aids in smooth breathing, improves memory, aids slow learners. Good as memory booster.

Eucalyptus + Citronelle + Mint
 Relieves colds, flu, running nose, blocked nose, soothes respiratory system.

Eucalyptus + Lavender + Mint Relieves running nose and sinus, stabilizes blood pressure, provides good sleep.

Eucalyptus + Chypre + Citronelle Relieves fever.

Eucalyptus + Citronelle + Ambre Improves and strengthen respiratory system.

Eucalyptus + Rose D’Iris (2:1) Promotes alertness, helps relieves stiff neck caused by smoking. Good for smokers.

Rose D’Iris + Ocean (2:1) Promotes alertness, improves concentration, calming of confused mind.

Rose D’Iris + Citronelle Helps relives insomnia to promotes good sleep, improves general health, reduce pimples, if added to bath can aid slimming.

Rose D’Iris + Lavender Soothes agitation, eases stress, helps ease effects of menopause, eases heart palpitation.

Rose D’Iris + Sandalwood Helps in blackhead or acne problems, creates romantic ambience.

Ocean + Patchouli Reduces stress and balances the nervous system

Patchouli Helps with hyperactive children

Green Tea + Chevrefuille + Pyrethre Helps in detoxification (common detox side effects are nose bleed and excess mucus) Aids in appendicitis

Eucalyptus + Sandalwood + Foret Helps for diabetes. Suitable for diabetes patients.

Lavanda + Pyrethre helps in healing wounds be it surgery.

Patchouli + Pyrethre helps in lupus.

Patchouli + Mer d”Irose + Pyrethre Helps in detoxication especially for drug addicts with rashes).

Pyrethre + Green Tea + Apple + Lavenda + Chevrefuille + Foret Helps for individuals with weak heart or low pulse rate.

Rose + Patchouli helps to relieve stress problem and depression.

Foret + Apple Helps to relieve gastric  and stomach ache. 

Bouquet Provencal + Patchouli Helps for mentally weak individuals

Citronelle + Patchouli helps for individuals with weak bladders

Eucalyptus + Green Tea + Pyrethre Helps relieves sensitive nose

金柏格 Lampe Berger 香薰精油配合功效

薰衣草+尤加利: 45以下心律不整、肺部紧绷、改善打呼、平衡血压精油。

薰衣草+檀香: 安定情绪、提高睡眠质量。

薰衣草+玫瑰: 安抚烦躁;改善更年期体质;心律不齐;心脏不佳者可改善焦     虑、失眠。

薰衣草+香茅: 平衡高低血压,改善偏头疼;鼻粘膜畅通;舒解压力;中度失眠;泡澡可以改


尤加利+薄荷: 喉咙沙哑;干燥;扁桃体发炎。

尤加利+檀香: 止咳;改善肠胃不适

尤加利+玫瑰: 可以提神尤其是抽烟者更佳、脖子紧绷(2比1)用量。

尤加利+香茅: 对过敏、流鼻涕、打喷嚏效果极佳

尤加利+丝柏: 止咳(适用吸烟、打麻将者)

玫瑰+香茅: 好入眠,改善体质;改善痘痘皮肤;泡澡可减肥。

玫瑰+檀香: 增加夫妻情趣+男人的最爱、除黑斑。

香茅+薄荷: 放松心情;舒解压力;改善眼睛皮劳。

薰衣草+琥珀+玫瑰: 焦虑失眠用。

玫瑰+佛手柑: 提神;改善精神恍惚(1比2)用量。

薰衣草+丝柏+檀香: 改善失眠,提高睡眠质量。

薰衣草+尤加利+薄荷: 打呼、鼻塞鼻水、平衡血压、帮助睡眠。

尤加利+佛手柑: 提神、改善呼吸道、增加记忆、可让过动儿改善

尤加利+香茅+薄荷: 改善过敏性流鼻水、鼻塞、鼻炎、鼻息肉、改善气管不佳的情况

Lampe Berger Essential Oils Functions in Details

EUCALYPTUS'principal constituent is antiseptic eucalyptol. Combined with its anti-inflammatory properties, this oil is particularly helpful for asthma, bronchitis, flu, sinusitis, skin infections, rheumatism, and sores. It can also reduce feverm and is a strong diuretic.

OCEANE (Vent d'Ocean) is a combination of  Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint and Bergamot. It improves memory, clear and revitalizes the mind, soothes the nerves, eases agitation, and promotes restful sleep. It is used for the treatment of mouth and skin infections, sore throats, dandruff, burns, diarrhea, flatulence, and indigestion.

THE VERT (Green Tea) has a special component called "epigallocatechin gallate" (EGCG). It is a powerful anti-oxidant that eliminates free radicals that damage the DNA. Damaged DNA can in turn, cause cancer. It lowers LDL cholesterol level thus, reduces the risk of hypertension. It can alleviate allergies such as asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, and allergy-induced headaches. The aromatic scent helps relieve fatigue and sleepiness. It promotes weight loss by aiding fatty acid decomposition; improves blood circulation and liver function; helps in phlegm removal.

POMME VERTE (Green Apple) is a relaxant. It evokes happy feelings and pleasant memories of childhood-enhancing emotions and moods. It increases appetite and improves the general ambience of the room.

LAVANDER (Chant De Lavande)s sedative and tonic effects make it a great balancer of the nervous and emotional systems. Excellent for migraine, skin conditions, lung infections, digestion, and urinary tract. Lavande also eases agitation, lowers blood pressure, and promotes restful sleep. Extraordinarily versatile.

CITRONELLE is a combination of Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Basil, and Orange Seed Extract. It soothes the respiratory passage especially during attacks of asthma, alleviates insomnia and headaches, reduces stress, and lifts mood. It is also effective for skin complaints, sore throats, nasal congestion, fever and gouts. Also acts as insect repellant.

FEUILLE DE MENTHE (Peppermint) is invigorating and refreshing. It is excellent for digestion, nasal congestion, and for skin disorders. Used for colds, flu, flatulence, headahces, motion sickness, indigestion, nausea, toothache, and sunburn. It relieves menstrual pains/cramps and menopausal hot flashes.

PYRETHRE is a blend of Eucalyptus and Clove. This essential oil strongly repels insects and acts as disinfectant. It refreshes the air and removes odors. It is used for asthma, bronchitis, flu, headaches, sinusitis, rheumatism, urinary infections, helps constipation, skin ulcers, and wounds.

AMBRE acts as a tranquilizer to calm nerves and soothe emotions. Used for bladder and kidney problems, rheumatism, respiratory problems, chest infection, colds, cataract, sore throatsm circulation problems, muscular aches and pains. Also acts as diuretic and tranquilizer. It may also have anti-aging properties.

MIEL DE PATCHOULI is an astringent, and is useful in scalp and skin conditions including dandruff, acne, eczema, cellulite, cracked/chapped skin, and scars. It has an uplifting effect for depression and anxiety' helps alleviate fluid retention.

MANDARINE is refreshing but sedative. It is a tonic for anxiety and depression. It stimulated the digestive system and is effective for constipation. Its antiseptic work well for mouth ulcers. It improves mental concentration and alertness. It boosts the appetite.

MURE SAUVAGE gives a lingering mature fruity scent that evokes summer romance and happy nostalgia. It aids digestion and boosts the appetite. It also creates a romantic ambience.

BOIS DE SANTAL (Sandalwood)'s sedative properties are good for treating depression and tension. It is an expectorant, diuretic, anti-inflammatorym antiseptic, and anti-spasmodic. Useful for bronchitis cough, nausea, cystitis, and skin complaints. Regarded as aphrodisiac.

CEDRE DU LIBAN (Cedarwood) has a calming back-to-nature feel that revitalizes the spirit. Used for skin complaints such as acne , alopecia, dandruff and eczema; also for respiratory problems like bronchitis and catarrh. Acts as diuretic for help in urinary infections. Increases sexual response.

EAU DE FORET (Greenwood) is a combination of Fir and Musk. Fir brings joy. It is good for bronchitis and respiratory problems. Musk helps spiritual and physical coordination. Combined, the scent also sharpens mental powers and clarity. it also helps to strengthen internal organs.

GINSENG soothes the spirit, improves the immune system, aids mental health, reduces fatiguq, regulates menstrual cycle, alleviates pain, improves vision, lowers blood pressure, slows down growth of cancer cells, reduces cholesterol, prevents heart disease, strengthens digestive system, protects the liver, cures hang-overs, and improves appetite. Good for diabetic and hypertensive people.

BOUQUET PROVENCAL is a combination of Thyme and Rosemary. Thyme helps fatigue and anxiety, but best known as natural antiseptic for treating coughs and respiratory tract infections. Also good for rheumatic aches, soresm and swelling. Rosemary is a good stimulant, especially for circulation and memory. It helps bronchitis, burns, colds, dandruff, flatulence, headaches, and obesity. Combined, the fragrance gives a romantic atmosphere and acts as aphrodisiac.

CHEVREFUIELLE (Honeysuckle) is seen as a remedy for those who live in the past, helping them enjoy the present and look forward to the future. Its scent can also alleviate homesickness.

NEUTRE is from natural sources. It has no fragrance but works the same way in purifying the air, destroying bacteria, and replenishing oxygen. Neutre eliminates odors and tobacco smoke; and refreshes the atmosphere in the room. It is also used to dilute strong scents of other essential oils.

ANTI-ACARIEN contains extracts from Chrysanthemum. A specially formulated essential oil that repels insects and combats 100% of dust mites present in the room for up to 7 days. Thus, giving a clean, allergen-free environment.

ANTI-BACTERIEN is a specially formulated essential oil that suppresses bacterial activities for up to 7 days. It is able to suppress bacteria and eliminate up to 90% of bacteria in the room.

LOTUS BLEU is a remedy for anxiety. It alleviates diarrhea, lowers blood pressure, stops and prevents bleeding, nourishes the blood, stimulates menstrual flow, and normalizes and tones female reproductive system.

LAVANDORANGER is a combination of Laurel and Orange. It gives a powerful sedative effect. It alleviates insomnia, eases agitation, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, uplifts mood, sharpens mental and clarity and alertness. Its cooling effect calms angry and irritable infants.

LAURIER ROSE is a combination of Laurel and Rose. The fragrance is refreshing, giving a calming and stress-reducing effect. Laurel is good for flatulence, indigestion, chronic bronchitis, rheumatic aches and pains. It promotes sweating during an attach of influenza. When combined with Rose, the essential oil improves mental alertness and sharpens the senses.

MER D LROISE is a combination of Oceane and Rose. It creates a romantic atmosphere for enchanting encounter for lovers. It has a soothing and calming effect, relieving the emotions. The fragrance aids digestion.

ROSEE DIRIS is an aphrodisiac and mood enhancer. It is a general tonic and fortifier, useful for circulatory problems, constipation, headaches and mental fatigue, menstrual and menopausal problems, and skin problems.

ROSE ET JASMIN is a combination of Rose and Jasmine. The resulting fragrance is weet, floral, and uplifting. It is a mood enhancer; anxiety and depression lifter. It stimulates brain activities, reinforces poor health, relieves stress, soothes emotional shock and grief, and relieves menstrual cramps. It also relieves water retention and helps with weakness after childbirth. Helps to relieve pain after surgery.

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