Lampe Berger Awards & Achievements

1925 - France's Grenoble National Tourist Gold Award

1938 - National Scientific Research & Development Gold Award

1989 - Submitted patent for "Ozoalcool" and Catalytic Burner.

1901 - French National Product Invention Award

1901 - 6 times Winner of Paris Commodity Award

1901 - Lyon Excellent Product/Superior Commodity Award

1901 - Grenoble Excellent Product Award

1901 - Decoratifs Arts Award

1901 - Diplome d'Honneur Sales Award

1906 - Italy, Roman Market Product Award

2000 - US Atlanta 2000 Annual Award for Best Decorative Award Figure Certificate

2001 - Chinese "High Quality Consumer Product and Lifestyle Art" Award at the "New Millennium Advanced Technology Exposition" in France

Lampe Berger is regarded as one of the leader in Aroma Therapy Industry with more than 100 years of history. It owns a modern factory at Paris with accredited with ISO 1-14-1 award. Designers and Artists from around the world even setup a Club called CCLB (Club des collectionneurs de Lampe Berger).


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