Lampe Berger Diffuser Instructions

There are more than 1 thousand of Lampe Berger Diffusers. Every diffuser works the same be it a normal design or signature collection.

Catalytic Burner (Structure & Functions)
The Structure
The catalytic burner is produced from a mixture of different raw materials through a patented process and formula. The burner head is porous with the density of approximately 3µm.
The Functions

When the burner head is lit, the wick will first absorb the essential oil. It then stays on the tiny pores on the surface of the burner head due to the holding tension of the essential oil. The patented catalytic burner's outer ring is made up of platinum alloy and will retain heat up to 500°c while the inner part at 350°c. The inner ring is made up of porcelain mixtures;it is capable of retaining heat at 60°c to allow the essential oil to vaporize without actual heating.
User Guide
Step 1
Place the diffuser on a surface away from sources of heat.  Fill the diffuser with essential oil using funnel until it is 2/3 full. Ensure the outer surface of the diffuser is dry.

Step 2
Place the wick into the diffuser and secure the catalytic burner connected to the wick firmly on the top of the diffuser. Please be noted that if you are using diffuser for the first time, do soak the wick for 20 minutes and cover back with the cap. This will allow the burner head/stone to absorb the essential oil.

Step 3
Light up the catalytic burner for about 2 minutes to 2 & a half minutes. Blow off the fire and the essential oil will be diffused without open flame.

Step 4
Cover the top of the diffuser with the threaded cap. Your room will now fill with Lampe Berger aromatic effects. In a room of 20 to 40m³, just using the diffuser for 40 minutes can ensure aromatics effect for up to 6 hours. If you are using lampe berger in a living hall or spacious room, you may need to use additional diffusers.

Step 5
Remove the threaded cap and place the small cap over the burner head if you want to stop using the diffuser. Please be noted that the threaded cap may be hot. Please do not touch the catalytic burner as it's burning hot.

Step 6
Store the diffuser in a safe place until its next usage.

1. 将薰香瓶平置于桌面上。

2. 将专用漏斗置于薰香瓶上,再将精油慢慢灌入瓶中。    
3. 将蕊头之绵芯沿瓶口放入薰香瓶中,并将蕊头平稳地放置于瓶口上。

4. 点燃蕊头,让火焰持续燃烧两分钟。

5. 将火焰吹熄,使整瓶精油在无火状态下,慢慢地催化释放。

6. 盖上镂空盖,开始享受薰香,以30平方米的房间为基准,只需催化一小时,芳香效果可持续约八小时。(使用中请尽量避免一次将瓶内精油耗尽,以免影响下次使用时蕊头之点燃)

7. 如欲停止催化运作,请先将镂空盖取下,再将密封盖紧密盖上蕊头即可。
8. 最后将镂空盖盖上,保持美观,下次使用。


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