Lampe Berger Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Can i use other essential oil not manufactured by Lampe Berger in Lampe Berger Diffusers?
No, it's not recommended. It may clog the burner because Lampe Berger diffusers are specially made for
Lampe Berger Essential Oil.

2) Can I Mix Lampe Berger Essential Oil?
It's not recommended to mix oil because mixing oil will cause different chemical reactions. It will have different functions not listed at (Click Here). You need to mix the correct oil to get those functions.

3) How long should i use Lampe Berger?
This depends on the layout and ventilation of the area you want to fragrance and purify. It will do about 1000sq ft in approx. 30 minutes. If the room is large, you can allow the diffuser to run for 1 hour or more as long as you feel comfortable.

4) Is Lampe Berger safe for children?
Yes, as long as you locate the diffuser and essential oil at a place unreachable by children.

5) Where can i use Lampe Berger?
Anywhere and at any room. As long as the diffuser is located at a stable surface.

6) How long will a catalytic burner last?
It can be used up to 200 - 250 lights but it depends. Some burners can be used more than 2 - 3 years if they are not used too often.

7) Do I need to wait 20 minutes before lighting it?
If the burner is wet, you can light it any time and wait for 2 minutes before blowing the flame off. If the burner is dry, cover the diffuser with the cap and wait for 20 minutes until the burner is wet. Remove the cap and light the burner.

8) How should i use the diffuser for first time?
You may refer to (Click Here).

9) What are the Major Functions of Lampe Berger Essential Oils.
Different flavors have different functions but all of them have functions such as Remove Odor, Kill Bacteria, Purify Air, Ionizer, Increase Oxygen, Aroma Therapy & Mood Management.

10) How much oil should i fill the diffuser?
For first time usage, fill up with 2/3. For second time and onward, you can fill any amount as long as it's not more than 2/3.

11) Why are Effusion lamps better for us than candles or incense?
It's because effusion lamps burn without an open flame to lower the risk of fire hazard whereby candle with open flame is more dangerous. Moreover candles are bad for health.

12) When I lit my diffuser, the flame was 4 inches high. Is this normal?
Yes it is. You need to take precautions while the stone is heating as long as it's away from flammable materials to avoid fire hazard.

13) Does Lampe Berger burner fit with all Lampe Berger diffusers?
Yes. It fits with any Lampe Berger diffusers.

14) Why does the burner not producing flame?
The cap has not been replaced on the burner which caused the essential oil evaporated. Hence, the burner is dry. You need to check if there is any oil left in the diffuser.
If not, fill it up to 2/3rd. - Replace the burner and the wick into the lamp - Leave the wick to soak for 20 minutes. Then, Light the burner (Click Here). If it still doesn't work. You need to change a new burner.

15) Is Lampe Berger safe for my pets?
Yes. As long as it's keep out of reach of pets.

16) How many Liter for 1 bottle of Lampe Berger?
It comes in 1liter.

17) Can i drink Lampe Berger Essential Oil/ apply to mouth or eye?
No! Never do so, will cause poisoning if a person drinks the essential oil. If it causes allergy, do consult doctor. It is advisable to wash you hands if essential oil is applied to your skin.

18) I had headache when i use Lampe Berger for the 1st time. Is this normal?
For some users, they may feel dizzy and have headache for first few times because it's doing therapy on your body. I suggest not to use lampe berger for more than 1 hour per day if you feel dizzy in the beginning. If the room is small and it burns for few hours, the room will be covered with strong smell which some people may feel uncomfortable too. I suggest not to burn too long in a small room.

19) Where should i put my lampe berger oil and diffuser?
On a stable surface keep out of reach of children and also not to put at somewhere with hot environment because oil is flammable.














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