Lampe Berger Introduction

Lampe Berger's essential oils are produced under stringent quality control. Both the catalytic burner & formula are patented to maintain uniform standard and safety. To further boost user confidence, Lampe Berger has taken up an insurance policy for its products. All original Lampe Berger products are produced and packed  in Lampe Berger France factory selling to over 80 countries around the world.

In Lampe Berger, user safety is paramount. To this end, ingredients used for the formula are non-toxic and are obtained from natural sources.

90% of the formula is Ozoacool & IPA, which is extracted from beetroot. The remaining 10% is made up of water & plant extracted essential oil. Hence, the products are environmentally friendly. Usage of the product can assist repel insects, eliminate tobacco (2nd hand smoke), remove odors, purify air that improves the quality and eliminate air borne bacterial.

Lampe Berger is committed to achieve technical perfection and has a modern scientific approach to research and development, production and business operations. The company aims to keep abreast of scientific developments and design trends in the industry. Lampe Berger is committed to contributing to a healthy lifestyle.


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