Lampe Berger History & Background

Maurice Berger,a pharmacist from paris found Lampe Berger in 1987. Trying to find a process to purify the air due to poor ventilation and plague in the hospitals. He discovered the Lampe Berger oil diffusers by looking for the beneficial effect of the catalytic combustion of a specific product, ozoalcohol. The burner is able to release ozoalcohol at the temperature of 60°c. This is considered as a new invention of the era. He then patented the catalytic burner and ozoalchohol.

Although initially it was used only by the medical world for its antibacterial feature, the Lampe Berger diffusers came to interest the greatest designers of the time: Lalique, Galle, the Daum crystal glass works and Baccarat .The Lampe Berger also became a feature at the salons of the Belle Epoque too. Lampe Berger was also initially without fragrance. By adding various fragrance with essential oils extracted from plants such as Lavander, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Pythre, Oceane, Rose and many more.

Today, Lampe Berger has become more like a household product either as an ionizer, antibacterial or for aroma therapy.

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