Great Market Potential

Our air is getting more and more polluted nowadays due to cigarette smoke, smoke by vehicles and factories, forest burning or development of new cities and buildings. Scientists have long known that air pollution causes health problems such as asthma, lungs cancer or heart attack. Scientists even have proven that the air quality for indoor is even few times more polluted than the outdoor due to circulation problem or even the dusts and germs from air conditioner. Hence, Lampe Berger with all in one function plays an important role for better air management. Lampe Berger is able to purify air, destroy odors, kill bacteria, emit ions and produce oxygen.

Places with great market potential are not limited to hospitals, furniture stores, factories, living rooms and bedrooms, kindergartens, offices, nurseries, pet shop, interior design, any shops, Karaoke Lounges (KTV), pubs, discos, clubs, restaurants, basements, conference rooms, homes with pets, hotels, pharmacies, adult care centers, boutiques, education centers, temples, beauty salons, Spas, tuition Centers, vehicles and many more.

With scientific research, a person could survive without food for almost a month, could survive without water for few days but cannot survive without air for only few minutes. So imagine clean air is how important to a human being.


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