Lampe Berger Advices

The Lampe Berger Essential Oil is mainly for usage of Aroma Therapy. you are advised to follow below instructions for safety purpose.

1) The essential oil is not consumable. Do keep out of reach of children. Do not inhale or ingest the oil or apply to skin or eyes in any manner. Wash with water if the oil is applied to your skin or accidentally applied to eyes.

2) Do not light the Lampe Berger diffuser and let it unattended. While Lampe Berger diffuser is burning before the fire is blow off, make sure the surrounded area is clear from any materials that can easily cause fire such as paper, woods or others.

3) In case the oil spilled out, wipe the Lampe Bergerdiffuser before lighting the fire.

4) Do not hold the diffuser and walk around with open flame. This may cause fire if the Lampe Berger diffuser fells. Always blow off the fire if you wish to move it to other place.

5) When the Lampe Berger diffuser is not in used, always cover it with the cap and locate at a safe place away from heat or from sunshine.

6) Make sure the catalytic burner is in perfect condition and perfectly fit in before lighting the fire.

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