Lampe Berger Anti Dust Mite Essential Oil

Dust Mites are eight legged micro organism that cannot be seen with our eyes. It can only be seen with microscopes. They live in dead skin cells or hair in millions causing skin allergies, eyes allergies, asthma, sensitive nose, stuffy ears, hay fever, cough, frequent awakening, sneezing and other sickness to elderly and especially to children.

Ever wonder why sometimes our skins are filled with red spots/dots and they do not look like mosquitoes bites? This could be the bites from dust mites. It was proven that each pole on our skin can lives at least 7 dust mites. Houses with carpets, curtains or any material with dusts are habitants for dust mite including your bed sheet or pillow. This is the reason why sometimes when you sit on a dusty sofa or dusty bed, it causes you skin allergies and red spots appear so fast. You can feel the itchiness and sneezing non-stop. These are very obvious symptoms from dust mites. A typical used mattress or carpet can have at least 100,000 or dust mites. Isn't that scary? They won't cause you death but they definitely cause you health problems.

Poor ventilation, high humidity and unclean Air conditioner further encourage dust mites to live on. Hence, Lampe Berger Anti Dust Mite Essential Oil can help to destroy 100% of dust mite within 72 hours. It's proven that it not only able to kill airborne germs but also able to kill dust mites.


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