Lampe Berger in Hospital

During World War, Lampe Berger products were widely used in Hospital to destroy air borne bacteria, purify air and remove odor. Lampe Berger was also widely used by the Royal Families and The Rich during the 18th and 19th centuries to remove odor and remove the smell of tobacco smoke. 

世界大战的时代,医院的病人和死人都放在同样地方.因此药剂师Maurice Berger 发明了金柏格在医院杀菌和除臭.那时的精油还没有熏香.此外,那时18和19世纪的王族和贵族多于抽烟,他们也用金柏格来分解二手烟和除烟味.

Screenshot pictures from Lampe Berger Paris Videos.


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