Lampe Berger Catalytic Burner

There are generally two types of Lampe Berger Catalytic Burner. On the left is the new 3C version & right is the older version. 

You may need to read below comments regarding the burners.

1) Please do not leave the burner and wick in the lamp filled with essential oil if it's not being used for certain period of time up to few months long. It may cause the catalytic burner to be clogged. If this happens, consult us for solution.

2) The New Lampe Berger 3C Catalytic Burner is more sensitive compared to the older version. The only solution is to have a minor modification which require special consultation. Nevertheless, this new burner works better in saving consumption of essential oil making it more cost effective.

3) Only use Original Lampe Berger Essential Oil with Lampe Berger Diffuser. Do not mix or try DIY your own Essential Oil/ body perfumes and use in Lampe Berger diffuser. Mixtures of Essential Oils from different brands are prohibited because the size of the molecules produced by these mixtures may cause damage to the burner. It may cause chemical reactions with the possible formation of substances considered to be interior pollutants and may be risky for health. We would not be responsible for any injuries or deterioration in health.