Mixing Lampe Berger Essential Oils

As mentioned in other posts, mixing essential oil is not recommended. With correct formula, oil mixture could actually produce more features.

Sandalwood + Lavender Improves mood. Helps mood management.

Citronelle + Lavender Stabilizes blood pressure, alleviates migraine, clears blocked nasal passage, asthma, sinus, relieves stress, sleeping problem (insomnia), can relieve stiff neck if added to bath.

Ocean + Bouquet Provencal Helps in reducing pimples for better skin complexion.

Citronelle + Mint Improves general mood, provide good sleep, stabilizes blood pressure, helps patients suffered from stroke.

Eucalyptus + Citronelle Relieves stress, relaxes tired eye muscles especially those facing computers for long hours, helps sensitive nose.

Eucalyptus + Chypre Relieves coughing and aids smokers.

Eucalyptus + Sandalwood Relieves coughing, helps indigestion, bloated stomache and constipation, helps kidney related problems, urinary tract problems.

Eucalyptus + Mint Relieves throat irritation, sore throat, dry throat, tonsillitis.

Eucalyptus + Lavender Reduces snoring, stabilizes blood pressure, helps those with irregular heart beat.

Eucalyptus + Ocean Promotes alertness, aids in smooth breathing, improves memory, aids slow learners. Good as memory booster.

Eucalyptus + Citronelle + Mint
 Relieves colds, flu, running nose, blocked nose, soothes respiratory system.

Eucalyptus + Lavender + Mint Relieves running nose and sinus, stabilizes blood pressure, provides good sleep.

Eucalyptus + Chypre + Citronelle Relieves fever.

Eucalyptus + Citronelle + Ambre Improves and strengthen respiratory system.

Eucalyptus + Rose D’Iris (2:1) Promotes alertness, helps relieves stiff neck caused by smoking. Good for smokers.

Rose D’Iris + Ocean (2:1) Promotes alertness, improves concentration, calming of confused mind.

Rose D’Iris + Citronelle Helps relives insomnia to promotes good sleep, improves general health, reduce pimples, if added to bath can aid slimming.

Rose D’Iris + Lavender Soothes agitation, eases stress, helps ease effects of menopause, eases heart palpitation.

Rose D’Iris + Sandalwood Helps in blackhead or acne problems, creates romantic ambience.

Ocean + Patchouli Reduces stress and balances the nervous system

Patchouli Helps with hyperactive children

Green Tea + Chevrefuille + Pyrethre Helps in detoxification (common detox side effects are nose bleed and excess mucus) Aids in appendicitis

Eucalyptus + Sandalwood + Foret Helps for diabetes. Suitable for diabetes patients.

Lavanda + Pyrethre helps in healing wounds be it surgery.

Patchouli + Pyrethre helps in lupus.

Patchouli + Mer d”Irose + Pyrethre Helps in detoxication especially for drug addicts with rashes).

Pyrethre + Green Tea + Apple + Lavenda + Chevrefuille + Foret Helps for individuals with weak heart or low pulse rate.

Rose + Patchouli helps to relieve stress problem and depression.

Foret + Apple Helps to relieve gastric  and stomach ache. 

Bouquet Provencal + Patchouli Helps for mentally weak individuals

Citronelle + Patchouli helps for individuals with weak bladders

Eucalyptus + Green Tea + Pyrethre Helps relieves sensitive nose

金柏格 Lampe Berger 香薰精油配合功效

薰衣草+尤加利: 45以下心律不整、肺部紧绷、改善打呼、平衡血压精油。

薰衣草+檀香: 安定情绪、提高睡眠质量。

薰衣草+玫瑰: 安抚烦躁;改善更年期体质;心律不齐;心脏不佳者可改善焦     虑、失眠。

薰衣草+香茅: 平衡高低血压,改善偏头疼;鼻粘膜畅通;舒解压力;中度失眠;泡澡可以改


尤加利+薄荷: 喉咙沙哑;干燥;扁桃体发炎。

尤加利+檀香: 止咳;改善肠胃不适

尤加利+玫瑰: 可以提神尤其是抽烟者更佳、脖子紧绷(2比1)用量。

尤加利+香茅: 对过敏、流鼻涕、打喷嚏效果极佳

尤加利+丝柏: 止咳(适用吸烟、打麻将者)

玫瑰+香茅: 好入眠,改善体质;改善痘痘皮肤;泡澡可减肥。

玫瑰+檀香: 增加夫妻情趣+男人的最爱、除黑斑。

香茅+薄荷: 放松心情;舒解压力;改善眼睛皮劳。

薰衣草+琥珀+玫瑰: 焦虑失眠用。

玫瑰+佛手柑: 提神;改善精神恍惚(1比2)用量。

薰衣草+丝柏+檀香: 改善失眠,提高睡眠质量。

薰衣草+尤加利+薄荷: 打呼、鼻塞鼻水、平衡血压、帮助睡眠。

尤加利+佛手柑: 提神、改善呼吸道、增加记忆、可让过动儿改善

尤加利+香茅+薄荷: 改善过敏性流鼻水、鼻塞、鼻炎、鼻息肉、改善气管不佳的情况


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