Lampe Berger Signature Collection

Name:  Belle
Designer: Chantal Thomass (Artoria)
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp Limited Edition
Description: Inspired by the lush female curves and beauty of a female, Chantal Thomass produces this masterpiece made of crackled enamel and embellished with platinum, Belle symbolises the beauty. Belle has the definition of beauty in French.

Name: Ai Van
Designer: Isabelle Glenaz
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description: Isabelle Glenaz is Lampe Berger Paris Artist. He has been inspired by the potters of Samarkand . Samarkand is the second-largest city in Uzbekistan and the capital of Samarqand Province. The city is most famous for its central position on the Silk Road between China and the West.

Name: Cendrillon
Designer: Stefano Poletti (Artoria)
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp 
Desciption: This Lamp looks like the pumpkin in the well-known Disney Cartoon, Cinderella. Stefano Poletti, Lampe Berger Paris Artist, is just like a Fairy God Mother. At the touch of his magic wand, objects turn to Shiny Gold.

Name: Carmina
Designer: Regis Dho (Artoria)
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description: A lamp with wild rose as decoration made from Limoges porcelain. Imagine using Rose Essential Oil with this lamp. It's simply matching!

Name: Symphonie
Designer: Christophe Szkudlarek
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description:The body of the lamp is made from Limoges porcelain and it is decorated with 6 colored panels with different design. There is a total of 16 colors were used for the 6 pictures. The brightly-colored body is crowned by an openwork floral burner mount with fine gilt highlights.

Name: Trophee
Designer: Claude Cehes (Revol)
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp Limited Edition
Description: Designed by a talented female sculptors named Claude Cehes. An absolutely unique trophy. The 4 sides are sculptured with the gold-plated cover exhibits the finest of ancient medieval designs.

Name: Ethink
Designer: Joseph Hignou (Artoria)
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description: Made of Porcelaine De Limoges with metal share embellished with enamel.

Name: Singe
Designer: Hilton McConnico
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description: This Lamp is made from Porcelaine De Limoges reflecting the mischievous character of monkey. The monkey is balancing on a round ball. Those who likes the agility and flexibility of  a monkey will love it.

Name: The Kiss
Designer: Gustav Klimt
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description: The KISS was painted by Austrian Symbolist Painter Gustav Klimt during the high point of his golden period. This design is a creative illustration of lovers lost in romance artfully expressed the emotional and physical explosion of love in rich swirl of gold and colourful shapes. The Lamp is made from fine porcelain by renowned manufacturer Goebel in a multi-colour finish.

Name: Versailles
Designer: Tous Les Trois
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description: This Lamp resembles the Palace Versailles of French which was once the home of the Frech nobility. Versailles is a royal château. Faiencerie de Long champ portrays the charm and elegance of this period within this aesthetic work of Tous Les Trois.

Name: Fob Watch
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description: Time is precious. Time is history, presence and the future.

Name: Westies
Designer: Regis Dho
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description: The lamp depicts 2 family dogs sitting at a quiet scene by the fire place exuding a scent of happiness. Dog lovers would love this lamp.

Name: Tang
Designer: Pierre Casenove
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description: This lamp looks like a Tang Dynasty Building. A magnificient natural subject matter, moments of reflective solitude, lend themselves to artistic inspiration. Of Catalan origin, Casenove's has his unique way of reinventing arts, in his classy manner. Pure enchantment. The shapes and decoration that make Haviland (Haviland & Co. is a manufacturer of Limoges porcelain in France founded by David Haviland) one of the most well known porcelain manufacturers in the world.

Name: Shako
Designer: Jars
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description: The Lamp resembles a dainty hat gliding over the water. Shako is a kind of military cap which its name is derived from Hungarian Name with meaning of peaked cap.

Name: Olympus
Designer: Regis Dho (Bretagne)
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Material: Cristallerie
Feature: Olympus is a mountain peak in northeast Greece near the Aegean coast; believed by ancient Greeks to be the dwelling place of the gods. This lamp looks like a cup filled with offerings for the Greek gods. A silver reflection of the moon, the lamp raises itself on a column of pink porphyry and immortalizes the tales and legends of Venus and Adonis

Name: Nucleus
Designer: Joseph Hignou (Artoria)
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description: Hand-decorated with metal Shade embellished with droplets of colored enamel. This lamp is made of Porcelaine De Limoges.

Name: Les Oursins
Designer: Regis Dho
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description: Regis Dho, Lampe Berger Paris Artist designed this lamp because he was inspired by a verse by William Blake. "To see a world in grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower," The ultimate expression of his art is given here, in the romantic beauty of a flower that finds, in Daum's Pate De Verre, the most sensual of materials. The multicolored sea urchin reflects the skill of Cristalleries de Normandie. Its setting, gilded with fine gold, simply enhances the precious work of the master glass makers.

Name: Nautilus
Designer: Florence Teyssedre (Artoria)
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp
Description: In the depths of the oceans swims, a silver fish…could it resist the charms of the mermaids, whose enchanting voices lead sailors astray ? Florence Teyssedre, Lampe Berger Paris Artist, is inspired by the surrealism of the ocean. A silver-plated fish on its rock of Limoges porcelain produced by Artoria.

Name: Miss Lily
Designer: Joseph Hignou
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp 
Description: The body and burner mouth are both in Limoges porcelain with decorations object applied by hand. Two coats of gold paint cover its base .Its petals are paint with a fine enamel that gives it its natural aspect and its heart decorated with a sponge motif to lighten it.

Name: Lavender
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp 
Description: Made from Unique craftsmenship of "paté de cristal". 

Name: Dawn
Type: Lampe Berger Signature Lamp 
Description: The break of dawn, the beginning of a new day. This lamp symbolizes simplicity, harmony and diversity. This lamp is composed of  various woods, glass and dyed with the color of amber.

Many Lampe Berger Signature Lamps are produced by Artoria. Artoria Limoges is best known as the largest manufacturer of porcelain giftware in Limoges, France with fine quality of craftsmaship. It;s a family- owned business with most employees are descendants of craftmen with good skills in porcelain sculpting, molding, finishing, decorating and accessorizing, utilizing many of the techniques developed centuries ago.